Special Systems. Photonics, LLC

Founded in 2010 Special Systems. Photonics, LLC, specializes in the distribution of photonics solutions for various applications. Our team consists of professionals and rests primarily on engineering support in the implementation of products from leading world manufacturers. We build mutually beneficial relationships with top Russian customers which use or plan to use technology in the field of photonics in their activities.

Main areas of our activities are:

  • Distribution of laser optical and photonic products on Russian market.
  • Supply of scientific and laboratory equipment for photonic industry.
  • Technology transfer.
  • Produce custom design of photonics products.
  • Certification testing of laser and optical products.
  • Participation in research projects in the field of photonics.
  • Conducting trainings and seminars for customers.

We are offer our partners a complete solution with comprehensive technical support at all stages of the project. We are actively involved in the design of new solutions and we offer to our customers services  of our design center.

Product portfolio


  • Laser sources (DPSS, DFB, Pulse, Femtosecond, Swept Wave).
  • Broadband sources (ASE, SLED).
  • Fiber amplifiers (EDFA, YDFA, Raman, SOA).
  • Transmitters / Receivers for RFoF and digital telecom.
  • Fiber Sensors (FBG, DTS, DAS).
  • Spectrometers, monochromators.
  • Polarization analysis equipment.
  • Measurement and testing equipment.


  • Laser diodes.
  • Optical modulators (E-O, A-O, VOA).
  • Electro-optics.
  • Photodiodes / Receivers.
  • Tunable filters / Switches.
  • Passive fiber optics components.
  • Fiber patchcords / Adaptors.
  • Optical fibers.

Mission Statement

Our mission is implementation of advanced technology solutions to enterprises of photonics industry in Russia and the CIS.


Developing long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with customers and vendors of photonics products.

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